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Market-Leading Products

    Printed Electronics & Human Machine Interface Products

  • UL-approved membrane switches and control panels
  • A wide variety of polyester and polycarbonate finishes
  • Materials suitable for extreme conditions (UV resistance, chemical resistance, anti-microbial materials)
  • Printed circuitry
  • Printed batteries
  • Screen-printed labels and overlays
  • Nameplates
Printed electronic diagram

    UL-Approved Labels

  • UL-approved branding, information, warning and schematic labels
  • High temperature labels
  • Variable data and barcode labels
  • Thermal transfer and print-on-demand (POD) ribbons and labels
  • Brand security and anti-counterfeit labels - typically used in electronics and medical device applications
  • Custom materials with high temperature, UV and chemical resistance
Testing Gear, UL labels, UL-approved labels

    Die-Cut Products

  • Gaskets, bonding parts and environmental seals
  • Acoustic and vibration solutions
  • Thermal management
  • Electrical / shielding
  • Display bonding
  • Surface protection
Die-Cut Thermal Management

    Graphic Overlays

  • Wide variety of polyester and polycarbonate finishes
  • Materials suitable for extreme conditions (UV resistance, chemical resistance and anti-microbial materials)
  • Selective textures with UV coatings
  • Windows with light filter
  • Graphics and texts hidden until illuminated
  • Graphic overlays with UL approval
graphic cover

    Custom Materials

  • Fully integrated Materials Science group
  • Custom films, materials, coatings and adhesive tapes
  • Thermal transfer ribbons
  • Extensive in-house mixing, coating and slitting facilities

Certified in different standards that ensure

quality is guaranteed.

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CCL Design Mexico Electronics Guadalajara S. de R.L. de C.V. is committed to safeguarding the security of the supply chain and facilities, through the prevention and recognition of risks and threats that compromise the well-being and integrity of the operation, merchandise, supply chain and facilities, in compliance with the current legal framework, applicable requirements and security program of Authorized Economic Operator of Mexico. Our implemented guidelines aligned with the Global Business Ethics Guide focused on the prohibition of smuggling, corruption, money laundering, trafficking in arms, people and fair competition.

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