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Brand Protection by CCL Design

CCL Design has over 20 years of experience developing cost-effective brand protection solutions, and is certified to the most widely recognised international security standard: ISO/IEC 27001.

The CCL brand protection team designs unique, multi-layered security and anti-counterfeit solutions that are manufactured in-house according to strict confidentiality protocols.

CCL Design also has long-term partnerships with some of the biggest IP owners in the brand protection industry.

Brand Protection Expertise: Multiple Markets Including Automotive, Electronic & Industrial

As the consumer electronics industry continues to boom, the counterfeit market is becoming even more sophisticated. For suppliers and manufacturers, it is increasingly difficult to identify counterfeit products, and to develop impenetrable brand protection solutions.

CCL Design specialises in the development of highly secure, multi-layered brand protection solutions. With ISO/IEC 27001 certification and clients that include some of the biggest names in consumer electronics.

Multi-Layered Security Solutions

CCL Design has an expert, in-house team that designs custom brand protection solutions. With a range of overt and covert features available, applications can vary in complexity according to specifications.

Overt and Covert security features

  • 1. Dual colour UV fluorescene
  • 2. Red trail visible with UV light
  • 3. Changes colour under different lighting
  • 4. Only visible with IR camera
  • 5. Low temperature & UV activation
  • 6. Colour shift
  • 7. Trimorph 3D holographic
  • Topcoat
  • Clear PET
  • Void mechanism
  • Embedded security features
  • Opacifying layer
  • White acrylic adhesive
  • Non-building release
  • Glassline liner

Developing Sophisticated Brand Protection Features through Digital Printing

Tamper Evident Film

Multi-layered brand protection label. Every label is unique.

Invisible fluorescent Security Pattern

Covert Track & Trace Code

Invisible fluorescent Security Pattern

Variable Metallic Security Image

Variable Security Watermark

Variable Security Watermark

Track & Trace QR code IR Invisible Black

i Multi-layered brand protection label. Every label is unique.
i Invisible fluorescent Security Pattern
i Covert Track & Trace code
i Invisible fluorescent Security Pattern
i Variable Metallic Security Image
i Invisible Fluorescent Variable image
i Variable Security Watermark
i Track & Trace QR code IR Invisible Black
i Tamper Evident Film


SecureTrack is a customisable track and trace solution with inbuilt stock control features. Offering multi-level product authentication as well as supply chain tracking and historical stock data, it responds directly to the need for increased scalability and granularity throughout the manufacturing and distribution processes.

Quality Standards, Security and Confidentiality

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