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CCL Design Launches New 5400 LSE Acrylic Foam Tape Series

The result of three years of dedicated research and development, our new tapes are PFAS free.

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CCL Design Products, 5400 LSE Acrylic Foam Tape
CCL Design Products, Imprint Battery, Sustainability

Working with Partners to develop sustainable solutions

CCL Design’s proprietary technology for ultrathin, non-hazardous and non-toxic printed batteries is playing a key role in the future of connected health. Read more about Controlant’s Saga Card.

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CCL Design Suzhou, Sustainability

Sites with Sustainability Built-In

Opened in 2020, read about our Suzhou Automotive site which features an efficient energy management system.

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Global Changes Start Local

From harnessing solar energy to new electric hybrid vehicles in their fleet, our case study of our Stuttgart site looks at the key steps they have taken to reduce their environmental footprint.

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CCL Design Stuttgart

Transforming our Rooftops

Our Suzhou Automotive site transformed a 4800㎡ rooftop into a sustainable powerhouse.

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San Luis Potosi and Guadalajara staff and families participate in a voluntary reforestation program, backed by the Mexican government, planting over 250 trees in the local communities surrounding both sites.

Hands holding soil and plant
Students, Graduation ceremony

1,507 scholarships

CCL’s Gordon S. Lang Scholarship Program originated in 2000 to honour CCL’s founder, Mr. Gordon S. Lang.

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"CCL Industries has committed to set science-based targets and to align with the net-zero greenhouse gas emissions standard requiring a 90% reduction by 2050."

Geoffrey T. Martin
President & Chief Executive Officer

CCL Industries 2022 Sustainability Report
Sustainability, Glass building and trees