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Circular Success: How Strongsville is Transforming its Recycling Game

Posted on March 13, 2024

As we celebrate Global Recycling Day on the 18th March we take a look at the work of our colleagues in Strongsville, Ohio, as they continue their journey of reducing waste and enhancing recycling across their facilities.

CCL Desgin Strongsville, Manufacturing

Innovation Breeds Progress

Since 2023, our Strongsville team has joined forces with ESG colleagues across CCL Industries to achieve significant progress in:

  • Eliminating Waste Streams: Efforts to replace cardboard core material rolls has led to the diversion of tons of waste, creating a new recycling route and opening cost saving opportunities through smarter purchasing.
  • Unlocking Hidden Value: Aluminium foil receives a new life with the Strongsville team working with a local recycling partner to ensure 100% of this valuable resource is recovered for reuse. This win benefits the environment and the site's bottom line.
  • Smarter Recycling: In pursuit of sustainability, Strongsville has also revamped their paper recycling process, segregating sensitive documents for secure shredding while diverting non-confidential paper waste to recycling channels. This strategic shift reduces the site’s environmental footprint while minimising energy consumption via shredding.

Beyond our Walls

Patrick Thomas, VP and GM of CCL Design’s new Strongsville site comments:

“Our commitment extends beyond our facilities. We actively collaborate with supply chain partners to create a circular economy. In 2023 we partnered with a supplier to return in-process waste, which is re-integrated into their products. Any remaining waste, unable to be re-processed by the supplier, is diverted to waste-to-energy facilities.”

CCL Desgin Strongsville, Manufacturing
CCL Design, Strongsville, USA

The Road Ahead

Our journey towards zero landfill continues across 2024 and beyond, as we focus our efforts on achieving ambitious waste management goals including:

  • Global Target: Divert 90% of industrial waste from landfills by 2025.
  • Complete Elimination: Achieve zero industrial landfill waste across European and North American operations by 2030.

Visit our new Strongsville Manufacturing site page to find out more about their products and capabilities.

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