We manufacture labels, branding products, functional parts and security applications for the electronics industry.

Our products are manufactured in cleanroom environments, and are fully compliant with global electrical safety and security standards.


Working with Industry Leaders

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Labelling, Branding and Functional Components for Electronic Devices

CCL Design has an expert, in-house team that designs custom brand protection solutions. With a range of overt and covert features available, applications can vary in complexity according to specifications.

Phone Logo Phone Lens Phone Bezel Phone Mesh Phone Screen Phone Barcode Label Phone Microchip Part Phone High Temp Part Phone Circuit Parts Phone Printed Cirtcuit Board Thermal Spreader Part Back cover of phone

Brand Protection and Security Solutions

  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management certification
  • Strong relationships with major IP owners
  • Multi-layered security applications with overt and covert authentication
  • Anti-counterfeit applications
  • Track and trace solutions

Printed Electronics

  • Market-leading products manufactured at CCL Design
  • Membrane switches and control panels
  • Screen-printed circuitry
  • Printed batteries

An Unparalleled Range of Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

Coater Coating Machine Flexo Press HP Indigo Flexo Press CCL Design Centre Bobbin Rewind Slitter
  • Extensive manufacturing facilities in the electronics hotspots of China and Southeast Asia
  • Class 10K and 1K cleanrooms
  • Flexo Printing
  • Conventional & Digital Printing
  • RDC
  • Sputter Coating
  • Design
  • R&D
  • Screen Printing
  • Metal Processing/Injection Moulding

Stringent Quality and Security Procedures

CCL Design strives for the highest possible quality & standards in our products and processes. We utilize a variety of tools and methods to drive a continuous improvement upon our processes. All of our manufacturing sites are certified to ISO 9001 and (where applicable for where our automotive products are manufactured) IATF 16949.

CCL Design refines test methods, matches products to applications and ensures correct application conditions in partnership with customers. An integral part of this collaboration is receiving customer feedback regarding quality levels achieved on their assembly lines and in service.

  • Prototype and product launch protection
  • CCTV, background checks and biometric access at manufacturing sites
  • Raw material handling and storage protocols
  • Confidential recording and traceability for shipping records
  • Regular customer audits

Quality Standards

Quality Management Icon Environmental Management Icon Information Security Management Icon Automotive Quality Management

SecureTrack Case Study

As the consumer electronics industry continues to expand, counterfeit and grey markets are becoming even more sophisticated. A 2019 report by the OECD revealed that fake goods now represent 3.3% of global trade, a figure that is set to rise.

For suppliers and manufacturers, it is increasingly difficult not only to identify counterfeit products, but also to develop impenetrable security applications. For many companies, the challenge lies in implementing a brand protection solution at scale, and expanding it to incorporate stock control and supply chain management alongside product authentication.