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CCL Design Announces the Integration of iTRACE 2DMI® Product Authentication with their HP Indigo based Security Label Production

Posted on May 27, 2021

CCL Design is pleased to announce a partnership with iTRACE Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of supply chain security applications for anti-grey and anti-counterfeit markets, which will deliver 2DMI® highly secure smartphone authentication capability to its customers.

“iTRACE 2DMI® is a unique solution that delivers a number of new features and benefits for our customers,” said James Wood, Technical Director Digital Print & Brand Protection at CCL Design. “When we looked at all of the technologies available for mobile device authentication, iTRACE 2DMI® stood out as the most secure, robust and cost-effective."

iTRACE 2DMI® (2-Dimensional Marking Identifier) is a patented, proprietary unique identification (UID) solution that has been developed specifically to secure products using the existing production infrastructure and mobile devices. The encrypted and secure 2DMI® Marks cannot be deciphered or recreated by counterfeiters and the closed system is under total control by the brand deploying it.

“The partnership between iTRACE and CCL Design provides secure, unique identification and authentication to printed security labels for consumer electronics, automotive and industrial applications,” said iTRACE Founder and CEO Mark Manning. “A simple mobile application allows the brands own customers to securely authenticate products anywhere in the world, helping to fight counterfeit and diversion.”

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CCL Design Taiwan 10th Anniversary

Posted on April 4, 2021

CCL Taiwan Design Centre celebrated the 10th Anniversary of its Research and Development facility in March 2021. The date was marked with a celebration for the whole team but with the current pandemic restricting international travel, some of the CCL Design Senior Management Team who would have attended in person, made an appearance virtually to congratulate the Taiwan team and wish them success in the future.

Vicky Chen, Sales & Taiwan Regional Director, hosted the event with more than 100 of our customers joining us to celebrate this special moment.

As well as the speeches, the evening included some fun games as well as food and refreshments and everyone received a memento to mark the occasion.

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