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CCL Industries Partners with Imprint Energy to Build Green, Sustainable Batteries and Smart Labels

Posted on March 10, 2023

Green batteries will power smart labels for safely tracking and tracing vaccines, drugs, food, chemicals, agriculture products anywhere, anytime to benefit global supply chains.

Alameda, CA – March 10, 2023CCL Industries, a world leader in specialty label, security and packaging solutions for global corporations, government institutions, small business and consumers, has announced today its partnership with Imprint Energy, the global leader in thin, flexible, rechargeable battery development. The partnership will enable the companies to build the world’s greenest, most sustainable power dense batteries, powering the world’s next generation of product labels (smart labels).

“We are excited to enter this partnership with Imprint Energy to manufacture the next generation of their printable battery technology,” said Tim Duffy, Vice President of Sales at CCL Design, a division of CCL Industries. “We’ve worked with Imprint over the past few years and are aligned on our goals and ambitions. We feel this technology can open up many opportunities in the Smart Label space where customers will be able to track their assets anywhere in the supply chain. CCL has invested heavily in new technologies within the track and trace space, and we expect this partnership with Imprint to drive a new set of product offerings.”

Together, Imprint and CCL will provide the next generation of smarter labels, equipped with track and trace capabilities and both 5G and Bluetooth compatibility. This is crucial to the advancement of smart labels as companies want to track their assets, in real time, throughout their global supply chains. Additionally, CCL offers the ability to scale up battery production while also offering a more sustainable future as the process will utilize CCL’s existing infrastructure.

Imprint will design and build the ink profile of batteries to the specifications provided by customers which will then be sent to CCL whose complex printing technology will manufacture, assemble, test/validate and distribute the batteries. Customers include leading global companies within the pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors. These customers rely on smart labels that provide accurate and real-time data including product location amongst various metrics such as temperature readings, which is critical to the transportation of vaccines.

“We’re excited about the strategic partnership with CCL as we’ve previously worked with them building both batteries and labels,” said Dr. Christine Ho, CEO of Imprint Energy. “This partnership will enable us to achieve our goal of reaching a million-unit capacity by the end of 2023 and making at least 10 million labels over the next three years while also bringing new capabilities to the market.”