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  • Graphic printing of different films such as Polycarbonate, Polyester, PMMA, Glass
  • Capabilities to match to any color system (The Pantone, LAB, RAL, etc...),
  • Excellent screen-printing resolution and registration
  • All type of UV inks and Solvent based inks
  • Glass like appearance for premium grade at competitive price
  • Hard coating for scratch and chemical protection

    Membrane Switches

  • Graphics printed in house.
  • Resistive sensor design and manufacturing.
  • Screen printing process for conductive inks (silver conductive, carbon, dielectric inks) and insulation inks.
  • Advanced SMT Surface Mount Technology (Leds, sensor, resistors, metal domes etc).
  • Total Assembly.
  • Functional Testing.
membrane switches

    Capacitive Touch Sensors

  • Graphics printed in house either for In-mold process or glass printing
  • Printed circuits in Polyester film
  • Interface (capacitive PCB design and assembly with surface mount components)
  • Software programming
  • Total Assembly
  • Functional testing
captouch sensor

    Touchscreen Pads

  • Etching process
  • Bonding process (Glass, in-mold decorative, cover plastic, etc)
  • Transparent pads
  • Clean rooms ISO 7 & 8
touchscreen pads

    In-Mold Decoration

  • Injection Molding process.
  • Graphics printed in house.
  • Mold design and construction.
  • Fast precision iterations (between mold details and graphic details).
  • Integrated overall solution that provides significant cost savings.
  • Single source quickest time from start to production parts, with lower risk and lower investments.
in-mold decoration

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quality is guaranteed.

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