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Architectural Products and Decorative Films by CCL Design

CCL Design manufactures high performance decorative and functional films for use in the architectural, automotive and aerospace industries.

Our printed films are supplied with a polyester film carrier that allows for in-line lamination of a thin decorative layer to extruded plastic profiles, enabling customers to meet specific needs based on desired part designs, finishes, textures and coverage.

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Architectural Products: Graphicolor Film Technology

Functional and decorative films for vinyl siding, decking / railing and window profiles

Topcaps for vinyl siding provide a decorative wood grain or solid colour appearance

Decorative enhancement for vinyl window lineals and plastic composite decking

The most durable exterior films in the industry, using Kynar® 500 paint chemistry and mixed metal oxide pigment technology

Extremely stable UV colour formation that withstands years of outdoor exposure - 30+ years of colour retention and fade data showing a DE change of less than 2.0

Automotive Films: Delivering a Competitive Advantage

Automotive Films

Printed automotive films by CCL Design are supplied in a variety of mediums, providing customers with a broad range of design and finishing options.

Insert Mould Laminates

Used for deep draw / complex part geometry parts, such as instrument cluster or centre stack bezels.

In-Mould Foils

For flat / simple geometry parts such as switch plates and door trim spears.

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Decorative Films: Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

In-house R&D providing seamles transition to manufacture

Rotogravure printing - solvent and water-based

Conversion of films to specific lengths and sizes

Topcoat formulation

Compounding of topcoats and intermediate

State-of-the-art lab testing capabilities

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