Labels on industrial products serve various functions: meeting declaration requirements, enhancing sales through design and packaging, guiding goods flow, and optimizing operational processes. Our company provides diverse identification solutions for your entire process, with expertise in system implementation.


Working With Industry Leaders

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Bosch Logo ABB Logo Airbus Helicopters Logo Collins Aerospace Karcher Logo
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Industrial Labelling Products

  • Information, warning and security labels
  • Thermal transfer labels
  • Barcode and variable data labels
  • Insert labels
  • Blank, printable and writable labels
  • Multi-part labels
  • Removable protection labels
  • Braille labels

Aerospace Expertise

Our plant in Nuremberg has over 50 years of experience in the aviation industry. CCL Design produce labeling solutions for almost all areas of the aircraft under the highest quality standards. These are used inside the cabin, for example in the passenger area, the kitchen equipment, the wet rooms or the luggage storage.

CCL Design also supplies important suppliers in the areas of aircraft turbines, electronics and on-board controls. Furthermore, CCL Design also produces labels for the exterior of the aircraft. These materials and adhesives are exposed to the most adverse conditions at high altitudes, air pressure and a wide variety of temperatures.

    Technology used

  • Screen printing
  • Digital printing
  • Flexo printing

    Parts produced

  • Warning and safety notices
  • Seat identification
  • Type label
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Aerospace Technologies & Applications


  • Quality Management System according to EN 9100 - special Aerospace requirements
  • Durability in high and low temperatures
  • Labels for harsh environmental conditions
  • Long-term application, even in different atmospheric pressure
  • Low weight with high strength and rigidity
  • Enhanced security through photoluminescent safety materials


  • Pictograms, instructions, references numbers and series description
  • Marking of emergency exists
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Top Protect/Paint Cover Labels

  • Replace metal name plates with a label and paint mask or top protect solution
  • Secure your label with your product coating
  • Multilayer versions available
  • Reduce cost and increase productivity
  • Available for almost all paint and ink systems
  • For manual or automatic application
  • Low & high volume solutions to meet your requirements

Printed Electronics & Industrial Applications

  • Market-leading products manufactured at CCL Design
  • Membrane switches and control panels
  • Screen-printed circuitry
  • Printed batteries

Architectural Products and Decorative Films

  • Topcaps for vinyl siding
  • Decorative enhancement for window lineals and composite decking
  • Solutions that withstand years of exposure to harsh, outdoor and industrial conditions
  • Designed and manufactured using the very latest technology

Quality Standards

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